Architectural Engineering is a renowned company focusing on every aspect of internet and technology services specially the architectural engineering services. Our company has great expertise in the architectural drafting and designing services. AutoCAD engineers are properly skilled, experienced, talented and with great dedication to their architectural engineering services.

Architectural Engineering is a very large concept and it is not possible to explain the details regarding its services in the limited space provided. The architectural CAD services offered by our company are based on the latest technologies already in the market and also on the suggested requirements provided by our clients. Lastly, satisfying our customers is the main objective of our company policies. Hence every drafting, designing and modeling services will be finalized after the second opinion of our clients or customers.

ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET is an architectural engineering company that gives special emphasis to the following areas of architectural engineering.

Architectural 2D Drafting

Architectural AutoCAD Drawings for the commercial as well as residential purpose such as the floor plans, wall sections, elevations, interiors like door-window details and floor framing plans, foundation plans, elevations, building sections, roof sections, roof framing sections, furniture layouts, ceiling plans, lighting, power and communication parts, etc. are well looked after by our architectural CAD engineers. The architectural CAD drawings are then drafted in a way which is of economical rates and excellent standards of detailing.

We have expert architectural CAD drafters who specialize in every respect of architectural 2D drafting. The 2D effect adds a unique and great touch to the architectural CAD drafting services. Architects, engineers, contractors and builders are provided our architectural services.

The architectural drawings can be well converted into vector formats which provide great convenience and efficiency. The image formats generally used in this case is jpeg, pdf, etc. and the AutoCAD files used are of dwg, dwf and dxf. We also offer the services of 3D to 2D conversions.

Architectural 3D Modeling

Our company offers you customized architectural 3D modeling services as per the requirements of our clients. The conversion from 2D to 3D is also done by at very economical rates. Our architectural 3D modeling services include exterior models of residential buildings, commercial buildings, healthcare buildings, restaurants, hotels, public buildings, etc.

Computerized 3D architectural modeling views are also done by our expert architectural 3D model-makers along with the guidance of our architectural CAD engineers. A 3D effect creates a special look to the models prepared.

Some of the formats used for the computerized architectural 3D modeling in case of AutoCAD files are dwg, dwf, dxf, etc. The architectural 3D modeling images are prepared through jpeg, pdf, tiff, etc.

Architectural CAD Design

Architectural CAD design is considered as the most essential parts of architectural engineering services. ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET has an excellent team of architectural CAD designers who are working 24x7 in every project appointed to them focusing on the building and structural design, drawings, plans, elevations, sections, exterior 3D rendering, interior 3D rendering, cost estimation and various other areas of architectural designing.

At first conceptual, preliminary and detailed architectural designs are formed as per the architectural engineering standards. Our architectural CAD designers prepare an analysis on the various designs brought forward such that the ideas regarding our client’s project are perfectly described through the architectural designs prepared. The necessary suggestions and requirements of our clients are also taken into consideration before an architectural CAD design is finalized.

Architectural Landscape Design

Architectural Landscape Design created through great landscape planning as well as the support of our architectural landscape designers add to the beauty of an architectural structure. Landscape planning, planting plans, conceptual sketches prepared, colour renderings and other architectural landscape designs prepared through the inspiration of the environment such as meadows, wetland buffers, etc. could be greatly helpful in beautifying the exterior premises of an architectural structure.

Adding special features to the landscape aspect such as using stone and wood, plants, water, fountains, lighting, etc. offers an excellent alternative of bringing about a different view of the architectural landscape designing process. Latest technologies with regard to the landscape design are used so that your company’s design also features among the top best architectural landscape designs. CAD drawings that are hand sketched as well as computerized; both are used as part of the architectural CAD drawings which is later converted into fine architectural designs.

Architectural 3D Rendering

ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET has all the necessary expertise available for successful architectural 3D rendering services. Nowadays, outsourcing 3D renderings to India is becoming more and more prominent. 3D rendering services, architectural 3D rendering interior, architectural 3D rendering exterior, architectural 3D walkthroughs, architectural 3D modeling views, architectural drawings and sketches are all included in the wide architectural 3D rendering services.

One of the most significant promotional tools for architectural CAD designing is the 3D rendering services offered by our company. With the help of the 3D perspective, our professionals can visualize a particular image of a structure before it is prepared. This will enable our architectural CAD engineers in fulfilling the 3D rendering services of our clients with the maximum effect.

We have the best team of architectural CAD designers, architectural CAD drafters, architectural CAD model makers and architectural CAD engineers who are very knowledgeable about the various two dimensional and three dimensional effects which help in the architectural engineering services.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to avail of the benefit of receiving a free quote from us. All your queries regarding the architectural engineering services will be satisfied after discussing them with our experts. They also provide you with proper architectural solutions to the problems too.