Civil Engineering

The civil engineering services offered by ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET perfectly meets the demands of the civil engineering industry. Civil engineering covers a vast area, which includes planning, designing and construction of the infrastructure. The civil CAD services is generally provided to commercial and residential buildings, infrastructure of environmental aspects such as industrial infrastructure, planning of the infrastructure, landscaping, construction management, etc

Cost-effective and efficient civil engineering services by major civil engineering companies offers great support to the growth of the economy, which is on a continuous rise nowadays. This will widely enable in satisfying the needs of every type of customers in the global market. Our civil engineers have a wide range of experience in a number of civil engineering services i.e. from initial site development to the final infrastructure output.

Some of the important and key areas of civil engineering projects are civil CAD design, civil 2D drafting, civil 3D modeling, civil CAD drawing, civil 3D walkthroughs and civil CAD conversion i.e. from 2D to 3D or 3D to .

Civil CAD Design

AutoCAD design prepared for a civil engineering project covers many areas such as building construction, hard waste engineering design, scheduling, design and construction, traffic and transportation analysis and design, utility scheme design, site expansion, roadway plan, master preparation, etc. All civil CAD designs must be unique and original and appealing to the clients for their specific purpose based structure

Our company has the best civil CAD designers working under the proper guidance and supervision of our civil engineers.  We offer the most convenient and excellent civil engineering designs for a large variety of project types. It is essential to design the civil engineering projects as per the requirements and needs of our clients. Under civil engineering; soil evaluation, RCC drawings, road and drainage plans, water supply and distribution plans, sewage plans, reservoir and water tank plans, waste water collection plans, etc. aspects are completely covered and provided civil engineering solutions.

Three sections of the civil CAD design are equally important; they are as follows:

Construction Drawings

Our experts as per the needs and requirements specified by our clients prepare construction drawings. During the construction drawing process, the latest technologies available in the market are used. Our company offers construction drawing services such as master plan drawings, product drawings, shop drawings and the presentation drawings.

Land Development Design Services

The development of the land used for civil engineering structure purpose is necessary. Our civil engineers also concentrate on the land development design services if required by our clients. We have excellent options and alternatives in this type of civil design services.

MEP Design

ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET has an excellent team of professionals focusing on all phases of MEP design. Our civil CAD designers look after the formulation and drafting of preliminary design sketches or data such as plan, sections, elevations, etc. All the mentioned designing aspects lead to the success of your civil engineering design process.

AutoCAD, StruCAD or SDS/2, etc. technologies are used for better detailing and customization of civil drawings. The various aspects considered are the size of sheet, style of text, layers used, etc.

Civil 2D Drafting

AutoCAD technology helps in drafting the hand sketches, complex paper drawings, hand scribbles and the survey notes into excellent architectural plans.  The civil 2D drafting services provided by our company are orthographic and other perspective projections from 3D models, 2D views of an assembly, 2D details received from 2D assemblies, necessary changes in the already existing 2D drafts, preparation of 2D drafts using the reverse engineering methodology, Bill of Material, Change Management, etc.

In 2D drafting services, our civil CAD drafters focus on areas such as re-drawing sketches, providing output in any desired format, 2D drafting, 3D drafting, architectural plans, electrical as well as plumbing drawings. The input and output formats in case of civil 2D drafting are dwg, dgn, dxf and tiff, pdf along with hand-drawn sketches.

The common softwares used for civil 2D drafting are AutoCAD (Version -14 to 2005), Micro Station ADT, MDT, Inventor, Pro-E, Solid Edge, Solid Works, MS Visio and 2020.

Civil 3D Modeling

Our company has the best civil CAD model-makers who are professionally skilled in civil 3D modeling. Our clients provide the necessary information and special technologies used in the civil 3D modeling services. Under the guidance and supervision of our civil engineers, our CAD model-makers produce a 3D model as per the tastes and needs of the clients.

The civil 3D models prepared by you will enable in better visualization, reduced costs, high productivity, co-ordination, proper linking of information and the speedy delivery of our models. The input and output formats in case of civil 3D modeling are dwg, dgn, dxf and tiff, pdf along with hand-drawn sketches.

ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET has experienced, qualified and skilled civil engineers who are accurate and efficient in the civil engineering services. The civil engineering services provided by our company will enable you in reaching your final construction successfully. With highly advanced computerized mapping, land analysis, environmental analysis, etc. we enable your civil engineering company in taking the project a next level. Our expert civil engineers are part of the planning, designing, modeling and drafting aspects of civil engineering.