Interior & Landscape Design

Interior Design is a term, which defines and beautifies a home / company office by providing the best design for its interior section. Landscape Design complements your outer premises with plants, trees, fencing, slopes, pools, fountains and exterior lighting. Interior Design, Interior Drafting, Landscape Drawing, Landscape design, Landscape drafting, Architectural Landscape design, Exterior Lighting design, etc. are all certain features of the Interior and Landscape concept.

Interior and Landscape Design adds a unique yet architectural look to a certain place. This enables the place in creating a definite look in comparision with the other ordinary spaced areas. The initial designing stages like plan, elevations, sections, hand drawn sketches, etc. produced by our expert interior and landscape designers is a true art in itself. These designs are then converted giving it 2D or a 3D look to attract the attention of the customers. The interior and landscape designs must also be very much original, attractive and dynamic in colour usage.

The preliminary services offered by our company, ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET as part of the interior and landscape design services are as follows:

  • Master Planning
  • Planning & Designing of the Site
  • Analysis & Evaluation of the Site
  • Project Management
  • Cost Estimation, etc.

The clients’ existing 2D Interior and Landscape designs are converted into 3D models and 3D renders with the help of the innovative and creative ideas or concepts of our interior and landscape 3D model-makers. The 3D models look very much real and this transforms the blue prints of the interior and landscape designs to life with the help of colour, depth, forms, etc. The interior and landscape designs are also centered on the measurements of every particular location such as the room dimensions, furniture size, number of plants as well as the specific allotment provided to specific rooms.

3D Walkthroughs offer its presentation concepts beneficial for the development phase of the interior and landscape design. 3D Rendering enables the interior and landscape 3D models in illustrating the special effects of great lighting conditions. The interior and landscape drawings converted into interior and landscape drafting helps in the drafting aspect of interior and landscape design. The 2D interior and landscape drafting and 3D interior and landscape drafting services provided by our professionals are also the best in the industry.

The 3D modeling services offered by our company with regard to the interior and landscape drafting are converting 2D drawings to 3D modeling, 2D CAD formats to 3D drafting, 3D design modeling, 3D sectional views, 3D rendering and 3D walkthroughs. Our interior and landscape designing team also caters to the maintenance aspect of these designs.

We will provide you with an interior and landscape design that is appealing to everybody. Contact us and get your dreams fulfilled with our wide range of interior and landscape designing options. We will also solve your every query with regard to interior and landscape design.