Structural Engineering

The structural engineering services offered by ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET greatly contribute in the IT services of the market. Large as well as small companies are equally part of our structural CAD services company. Cost-effective and efficient structural CAD services are the main objectives of structural engineering services India.

Structural CAD services mainly includes the below mentioned services :

Structural CAD design

Our company offers you structural CAD designers who work to the best of their ability and skill in the structural CAD design for RCC & structure steel, structural stairs, structural railings, beam connections, etc. The structural design standards put into use by our structural CAD engineers and structural CAD designers are the best among all the standards used by other companies.

In order to get a highly conceptualized and detailed structural design for your projects, our structural engineers put in their 100% of hard work, skill, experience, expertise, knowledge and a great deal of creativity and innovativeness. Our structural CAD designers focus greatly on the structural detail drawings, plan layouts, elevation sections, and also the structural 2D and 3D format of the structural drawings as per the suggested requirements. The structural CAD designs are truly the unique and most appropriate in similarity with the objectives and technologies used by your company.

AutoCAD Drawing is one of the main technologies used for the structural 2D drawings and structural 3D drawings by our structural designers and structural engineers. CAD file DWG and CAD file DGN are the general formats used for this purpose.

Structural 2D Drafting

Special emphasis is given to the structural 2D drafting services in structural engineering. The structural 2D drafting services offered by ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET are the structural layouts, foundation plans, foundation drawings, RCC Beam framing, structural steel detailing, structural steel fabrication, fabrication shop drawing, water retaining structure drawings, concrete design and detailing, etc.

We are experts in providing you a great amount of traditional and advanced structural engineering practices on structural 2D drafting projects. The structural 2D drafting services is also possible through the hand sketch drawings or designs which is further transformed into AutoCAD drawing or CAD designs through the proper skills and expertise of our CAD engineers, CAD drafters and CAD designers.

In case of structural 2D drafting, the input formats used are dwg, dxf, dwf and images through Tiff, Jpeg, Pdf Files and sketches drawn by hand. The output formats used are also the same as the input formats.

Structural 3D Modeling

ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET Company is considered among the best in structural 3D modeling. We have an excellent specialized team of structural model makers and structural engineers who are experts in the creation of structural 3D models, structural 3D rendering and structural 3D walkthrough.

The traditional and advanced features of the geometrical and structural information based on 3D modeling must be also aimed at by our team of experts. The general structural 3D modeling services include steel structure, wooden frame structure, panel structure, reinforced concrete, industrial and commercial building and special tank structures and canopies structures, etc.

Structural consultants, Steel Detailers, Fabricators, Architects, Structural Engineering consultants, CAD solution providers, building contractors, etc. are some of the sectors wherein the structural engineering services are proved of great importance. The input formats and output formats used for the structural 3D modeling services are AutoCAD files like dwg, dwf and dxf; images like pdf, tiff, jpeg, etc. and even hand drawn sketches.

Structural Engineering Team

The structural 2D drafters, structural 3D model makers, structural CAD designers, structural CAD drafters, structural CAD engineers of our company are well qualified from the most renowned and highly acclaimed institutions from all over India. They are also very professionally skilled and have great experience in the structural engineering services field since many years. They are fluent in the English language which provides support in the outsourcing of structural engineering services.

Contact us with the necessary project details and your decided budget as soon as possible and you can benefit by getting a free quote from us. Apart from the above mentioned information, we also provide various other services based on structural engineering. To know more about them, get in touch with us at the earliest.