AngularJS Development

AngularJS which is an advanced framework and it has achieved great support and adoption from individuals and enterprises.

Angular JS is a popular framework maintained by Google to simplify development & testing processes amongst the developers around the world. In simple terms, AngularJS is an open source framework to deal with the challenges of web development processes & it offers awesome expressions through ease in integration of HTML codes & application modules within the framework.

It is developed by Google in 2009, it not only improves use of HTML in web applications but also simplifies testing and development and technical shades for developers. AngularJS is both stable and highly efficient and it is great beneficial for both developers as well as clients.

Benefits of AngularJS

Rapid and Advanced Browsers: Rapid and Advanced browsers are demanded by developers today. Programmers want AngularJS to work better with different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera & others on the desktop and with mobile devices like, Google Chrome on Android, Windows Phone 8+, iOS6 & Firefox.

Mobility Aspect: AngularJS 1.x was developed to taking mobile into consideration. Though developers can use it to implement mobile apps but they usually face performance related bugs. Designers and developers are looking for an advanced Angular version with which they can provide better mobility driven approach and it could make AngularJS mobile app development simplified for better features and extensible experience to clients. Newer versions are better as compared to older versions and which gives really better functionalities to developers as well as clients.

Creating New World of Web: Nowadays, web world is really changing and it gives immense features to clients.

Better Performance: AngularJS was originally developed for designers and not for developers. Though there were few improvements made in design to fulfill the developer's requirements.

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