Image programming programming is a web application technique to build enterprise applications. Started in the year 2000, programming has soon evolved to create and code the visual elements in an easygoing manner. It is built on the .net framework, so the users can easily get all the .net framework features. The enterprise application that you require can be written in any language possible compatible with common language runtime, including Visual Basic, C#, and JScript.

At, ITOutsourcingChina our programming team make sure that the clients get the world-class service which in return you will earn more business and higher ROI. Microsoft\AE ASP.NET is one of the latest .net applications widely used which takes the best usage of ASP and also the best features from the Common Language Runtime. When combined, it results in a faster and much supportive web application that gives wide flexibility with little coding.

The .NET Framework is providing the following advantages:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast and effective
  • Object oriented solution
  • Reduces software deployment and adaptation conflicts
  • Integration with any other code
  • Can be used in multiple interfaces
  • Reusable

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Before, was known ASP+ Microsoft but now it's known as There are number of applications that are applicable in the like banners and advertisement, cookies, optimizations, sessions, security, transactions etc. brings large prospects to your business and is considered to be a better coding possibility than the PHP coding process.

IT Outsourcing China has a talented team of professionals which has in depth knowledge about the coding and capable of developing custom based web applications in framework. Apart from being fast, we are extremely pocket friendly and cost effective cutting down to your costs to a remarkable level without compromising on quality level. Since its inception, ASP.NET technology has become every client's must-a-have.

IT Outsourcing China serves flexible and fast programming service. Our talented staffs can handle any custom programming projects regardless how complex it is.

IT Outsourcing China ASP.Net offshore software development team uses Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, C#, VBA languages. Web technologies such as DHTML, ASP, VB Script, ASP.Net, IIS and databases like SQL Server 7.0 - SQL Server 2000, MS Access, MySQL.

Our past experience have let us to build a strong and efficient programming team which outsource great skills coming from great institutes coupled with having rich knowledge of .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), XML and many more.