E-commerce Solutions

Transfer of goods and services online is known as e-commerce. People prefer to choose online stores because they are more easy-to-reach, convenient and huge range of products can be found. One of the biggest and greatest hurdles that the online store or e-commerce web site faces is to make them trustworthy, safe and secure. A user's web site must have a strong model of shopping cart integration to their web site that the customers' find instantly finds it user-friendly and secured. Shopping cart is one of the biggest ways where the customers' structure their views about your web site and this is where ITOutsourcingChina comes to play a major role.

ITOutsourcingChina is one of the premier companies providing secure and one-to-one ecommerce solutions. We perfectly integrate all the latest marketing and development tools to your ecommerce web site

Affiliate program, e-mail follow-up, Auto responders, Credit Card Policy (i.e. 24/7) and smart shopping cart is given to your web site according to the service you provide in the shortest time possible giving the best of the service at IT Outsourcing China.

The distinctness of the IT Outsourcing China is clearly felt in the impeccable service that it presents to its customers in the form of their E-commerce Solution highlighting features. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Professional Storefront Designs
  • Powerful and effective shopping cart integration
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Cost-effective and specialized online stores
  • Usage of time-tested web marketing tools
  • Drive the targeted traffic to the online-store
  • Flexible inventory & shipping options
  • Easy Shopping Cart Interface

ITOutsourcingChina Makes Retail Market boost with the effective eCommerce Web Design Solution and Easy Maintenance Option Available at hand.

ITOutsourcingChina has been providing with effective and extremely user-friendly interface of the shopping cart enriched e-commerce solutions to its customers worldwide. There are professionals and webmasters from China and even abroad working on your e-commerce web site giving the exact boost to the retail market your web site targets.

Coupled with easy maintenance of the shopping cart ITOutsourcingChina has a team of experts that entirely works on the sustainment issue.

Custom E-commerce Web site Solutions

ITOutsourcingChina includes some of the best of the solutions to its premier services. Some add-ons and solutions to its services are security & SSL certificates, online marketing, 3rd party plug-ins, and e-commerce web designing. All the web applications developed by us that work great for both customers working on Intranets as well as Extranets, which will allow you to realize the power of web that we interactively use in our applications. Contact Us for custom ecommerce web site solutions and web site maintenance.