HTML5 Development

IT Outsourcing China, is the leading name in China, USA and everywhere throughout the globe who provides best HTML5 development services and conveys the secured delivery, maintainable and cross-stage web solutions for big business having a place with various industry verticals. We use the best and most recent HTML5 tools and structures like SproutCore, Ember.js, AngularJS and PhoneGap to construct the absolute most inventive and imaginative HTML5-based solutions various platforms and gadgets.

We provide services for HTML development since its commencement in 2004. At IT Outsourcing China, we grasp the most recent and upgraded innovative technology for most noteworthy satisfaction to our customers. The experienced team of HTML5 developers can create custom HTML5 application according to customer's need. It brings loads of highlights that make it powerful to empower rich ground-breaking HTML5 web development utilizing its storage/offline, graphics, 3D, multimedia, CSS3 styling, file/hardware access, semantics, real time markup, performance and integration capabilities. Nowadays, HTML5 Developers are utilizing their profound information and aptitude in HTML5 application development.

HTML5 Web and App Development

HTML5 is the most recent evolution of the standard that characterizes HTML. The term speaks to two unique ideas. It is new adaptation of the language HTML, with new components, traits, and practices, and a bigger set of technologies that permits the working of more different and robust Web sites and applications. This set is at times called HTML5 and friends and regularly abbreviated to just HTML5.

Intended to be usable by all Web developers, the reference page connects to various resources about HTML5 development, characterized into a few divisions of their various functionality.

Why You Should Choose Us for HTML5 Development?

  • Agile HTML5 development and project methodology
  • Award winning HTML5 web and mobile solutions
  • Shared, straightforward and client-focused approach
  • Aggressive rates for HTML5 developers and development talent
  • Cross-platform HTML5-based mobile solutions
  • Profound ability in related CSS3 and JavaScript
  • We are the Experts and Specialists in HTML5 structures SproutCore, Ember.js, AngularJS and PhoneGap since many years.
  • In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Developers
  • Thorough track record of successful HTML5 project delivery
  • Quality assurance (QA) testing before going live.

Html5 Development Services

IT Outsourcing China, throughout the years been fruitful in building a spotlight of exceptional HTML5 development services. Our prepared HTML5 developers endeavor to serve clients better by expanding proficiency through different inside procedures and creating applications that superbly meet your business needs. Making dynamic and multi-program perfect sites with our differing HTML5 development services.

  • HTML5 Website Development
  • HTML5 Application Development
  • HTML5 Mobile App Development
  • HTML5 Game development
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Development
  • HTML5 Plugin Development
  • HTML5 Custom Migration Services
  • HTML5 Application Maintenance and Tuning
  • Custom HTML5 Design & Prototyping
  • QA Testing of Applications

IT Outsourcing China is extensively focused around delivering HTML5 empowered solutions. Our HTML5 Certified Developers have 3+ years of experience and have made utilization of HTML5 specific instruments, for example, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, XML and so on to create business applications that are easy to understand, dependable and financially effective.

Our team is capable with most recent trends that are managed with tools and procedures utilized in this field of HTML5 Development work, for example

  • Multimedia (Video, Audio)
  • Graphics (Canvas, SVG)
  • Applications (Local data storage, file access, SQL database)
  • Elements/Forms
  • Uses CSS3

Other related technologies that are utilized by our talented HTML5 programming development team is adaptable and fully updated regarding; JAVA, Adobe Tools , Silverlight, Eclipse IDE, noVNC, SVN, PHP, PHP frameworks, MySQL, Apache Server, Joomla, Python, Django, Magento, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, ExtJS, Sencha Touch and jQuery to give some examples.