MEAN Stack Development

Many technologies promise the transition from cutting edge curiosity to practical workhorse, but only a few can manage to successfully drive the confront. Nowadays, to develop a simple functionality, code libraries and other elements are over-flooding with a list of technologies with their share of pros and cons. But only a few of those best technologies could successfully exceed the hard waters of time to maintain its popularity.

In the recent times, many development languages and technologies have come into the picture to cater services for growing demand of digital transformation across the globe. Mean stack is one such technology that came up as one of the best technology for developing top mobile apps and is being used by leading mobile app development companies.

MEAN Stack development is an open-source JavaScript software stack for developing dynamic web sites and web applications. Best MEAN Stack developers utilize incredible features to implement it with apps and web development projects.

Acronym For MEAN

  • MongoDB database
  • Express JS that is used as HTTP server framework
  • AngularJS as front end JS framework
  • Node JS to provide parallel JavaScript environment for building scalable and fast web applications.

Javascript is one of the most popular languages across the world with numerous benefits. By going MEAN you can enjoy having that same JavaScript on the client. For instance, If you write a code for Node & decide it's better placed in AngularJS, you can move it over with ease.

Open Source

All the technologies used in MEAN Stack are open source and are available globally. It reduces development cost and helps culminate the development approach using useful libraries and public repositories available online.

Cloud Compatible

In case your project needs cloud functionalities and storage within the app, MongoDB is a good option to choose. This makes M in MEAN a profitable option to believe. With these functionalities developers can create, maintain and test with the same langaugaes and elements. This will reduces the time for developers and cost for clients.

Benefits of Mean Stack

  • One of the most beneficial thing among the all is, Mean stack gives full advantages to developers to write entire code in JavaScript, from client to server. It is a really great thing for developers who are working with Javascripts.
  • It supports the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.
  • The MEAN components are open source. It means that the stack gets regular updates. In addition to it, it is easy and flexible to understand and use for developers. It helps the developers to customize as per client needs.
  • Other advantages are the huge module library of node.js, which developer can use with this and the use of JSON to transfer the data.

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