Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a concept that provides proper solutions for the large-scale electrical systems available in the global market. ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET is a well-known company offering excellent electrical engineering services. Our electrical engineering team properly and perfectly carries out certain main services with regard to electrical engineering project such as electrical CAD design, electrical drawing or sketches, electrical 2D drafting, etc.

The main objective of our providing electrical CAD services to our clients is to aim at the satisfaction and achievement of our clients. We look forward towards our clients’ company get higher ranks through the search engines, by which more and more customers are attracted towards their company for their respective services. Our electrical engineers and experts take a keen interest in the development of a well designed and feasible concept for the success of electrical services, the clarification of the project related information and program schedule, offering alternative electrical solutions, the preparation of a presentation of the project, etc.

The various aspects covered in the electrical CAD services offered by our company are the methods of wiring, schemes of distribution and protection for lighting, power installations and systems such as alarms and standby supplies. Below mentioned are some of the important aspects of electrical engineering services :

Electrical 2D Drafting

Our company, ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET specializes in the electrical drafting services such as electrical site plan, electrical system plan, power and lighting system plan, electrical panel schedule, electrical one line diagrams, electrical layouts for lighting systems, power equipments, control circuit, termination diagrams, etc. Our electrical CAD drafters are professionally qualified and experienced in all these detailed electrical engineering services.

Our clients hail from various sectors of industries and for different areas such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, government centre buildings, private buildings, educational buildings, industrial buildings, substations, etc. The electrical drawings already existing with you is converted into electrical drafts with the help of our professional team. We can also help in the electrical drawing part and then convert them into excellent electrical drafts. The two-dimensional and three-dimensional effects provided to the electrical drafting add a unique and attractive touch to the drafts. We have many years of experience in the drafting of layouts, details, schedules for audio/video systems, security systems, intercoms, telecommunication distribution, etc. The electrical 2D drafting services and electrical 3D drafting services are part of our specialized services offered by ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET.

We specialize in the electrical based softwares like AutoCAD, Power suite, Com check, AGI 32, etc. The input and output formats prepared for the electrical CAD services are dwg, dwf, dxf in case of AutoCAD files and tiff, jpeg, pdf, scanned images in case of images.

Electrical CAD Design

The electrical CAD designers of our company concentrate on every detail with regard to the electrical designs. The electrical designs must be such that they are highly appealing to the customers, suitable to the customers’ tastes and needs, attractive, original and unique along with other special effects to make our electrical CAD designs stand out in comparision to every other design.

Our company offers you electrical CAD design services for the following systems:

  • Power System
  • Lighting System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Power Distribution System
  • Access Control / CCTV
  • Cable and Wiring System
  • Audio / Video System
  • Security System, etc.

An expert team of professionals comprising of electrical engineers and electrical CAD designers start with rough sketches or electrical drawings, which later is converted into an excellent electrical CAD design using AutoCAD technology. We design for the various electrical systems keeping every aspect into special consideration like the applicable codes, standardized softwares and also the general requirements and needs for the successful implementation of the electrical CAD projects.

The technologies generally considered in the case of electrical CAD design services are AutoCAD (Version -14 to 2005), Micro Station ADT, MDT, Inventor, Pro-E, Solid Edge, Solid Works, MS Visio, 2020 and various other technologies. The quality of the electrical services is especially focused on as part of our company policies.

Outsourcing Electrical CAD services

We also undertake in the outsourcing of electrical engineering services to India. Outsourcing of electrical services will help the client company in complete concentrating on their core business, the capital infrastructure cost also reduces and utilizing the resources available worldwide efficiently and effectively. Our company will provide you the completed project within the given period and budget. All official details regarding the client’s company will be strictly maintained and kept a secret. It will not be revealed in any case. By outsourcing your electrical engineering services with our company, you will benefit by receiving a free quote from our side.

Excellent Communication skills are the characteristics of our experienced professionals. Updates made in the project will be accordingly informed to the clients. Necessary clarifications and suggestions regarding any of the electrical CAD designs, electrical 2D drafting, electrical drawings, etc. can be provided. Apart from electrical engineering services, we are also a pioneer company offering its valuable and quality services in architectural engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering and electronics engineering.

Any doubts arising with regard to any of the aspects of electrical engineering, get in touch with us either through an email or through our any means of contact information provided. We will be pleased to help you in the best possible way within 24 hours. ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET also offers your consultancy services and solutions in case of electrical engineering.