Mechanical Engineering

Our company, ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET has great expertise and experience in offering our clients the best mechanical engineering services. Mechanical 2D drafting, mechanical 3D modeling, mechanical animation, mechanical CAD design, etc. are some of the basic features of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering involves multiple applications for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of the mechanical systems.

The expert mechanical engineering team focuses in the field of designing and analysis of various mechanical tools such as motor vehicles, aircraft, etc., heating and cooling systems, manufacturing plants, industrial equipments and machinery and various other mechanical aspects. In case of mechanical engineering areas, the topmost priority is the mechanical CAD design. .

Mechanical CAD Design

It is greatly essentially to concentrate on the mechanical CAD design for the success of your mechanical engineering company. The mechanical designing covers all the aspects of product design, product styling, value engineering, rapid prototyping, CAD surfacing, 2D CAD and 3D CAD mechanical engineering, detailed designing, product data management, FEA, etc.

The three sections of mechanical CAD design are product design, tool design and lubrication system design. The product design includes the plastic components, sheet metal components, etc. The tool design includes dyes, molds, jigs and fixtures. The lubrication system design includes hoses, valves, routing, end fittings, etc. Our mechanical engineers and mechanical CAD designers provide tremendous level of support and guidance from the innovation stage to the production stage in mechanical CAD design.

Preliminary drawings or hand drawn sketches are at first prepared by our mechanical engineering team; further, they convert them into the mechanical CAD designs. The clients select the CAD designs from the entire collection and the selected mechanical CAD design is used. The input and output formats used for the mechanical designing are dwg, dwf, dxf, pdf files, etc. and tiff, jpeg, bmp, mdt files, etc.

Mechanical 2D Drafting

2D Drafting accurately captures the geometrical features of a mechanical product or component. The mechanical 2D drafting services provided by our company through our mechanical CAD drafters are orthographic and other perspective projections from 3D models, 2D views of an assembly, 2D details received from 2D assemblies, necessary changes in the already existing 2D drafts, preparation of 2D drafts using the reverse engineering methodology, Bill of Material, Change Management, etc.

ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET has offered its mechanical 2D drafting services in industries like civil, piping, aerospace, automotive industries, etc. Our 2D drafting services include Paper to CAD conversion, hand sketches, hand scribbles, photographs, Conceptual sketches to working drawings conversion, images of the raster form, etc. The mechanical drawings produced with 2D effect are computerized with the help of CAD application and CAD standards, which finally produces mechanical 2D drawings. These CAD drawings finally produce the mechanical 2D drafts through the drafting process.

The softwares used for the mechanical CAD drafting are AutoCAD, MDT, Solid works, Pro-Engineer, Wildfire 3 and Inventor 11. The input and output formats used for the mechanical 2D drafting are dwg, dwf, dxf, pdf files, etc. and tiff, jpeg, bmp, mdt files, etc

Mechanical 3D Modeling

The mechanical 3D modeling includes surface modeling, assembling, castings, solid modeling, sheet metal modeling, etc. ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET provides its clients high quality, detailed and a true mechanical 3D models for the mechanical parts or mechanical systems or assemblies at a price unimaginable. The 3D mechanical modeling services offered by our company are conversion of hand drawn sketches, designs, or drawings into 3D models, 2D CAD to 3D modeling, 3D section views, 3D assembly modeling, 3D rendering, etc.

Our company offers clients our specialized services in mechanical modeling services in conceptual product design and development, fabrication work, forging and casting components. Our mechanical CAD model-makers provide you quick 3D modeling solutions of high quality. Our mechanical engineers look at the minutest detail regarding the 3D modeling services. Our simple 3D models will properly communicate the mechanically based concept to the large audience very easily. We have improved prototype visualization to your credit, which will benefit the mechanical engineering services.

The softwares used for the mechanical 3D modeling are AutoCAD, MDT, Solid works, Pro-Engineer, Wildfire 3 and Inventor 11. The input and output formats used for the mechanical 3D modeling are dwg, dwf, dxf, pdf files, etc. and tiff, jpeg, bmp, mdt files, etc.

Mechanical Animation

Our mechanical engineering team of experts also offers excellent mechanical animation services for mechanical parts and assemblies. The mechanical animation services offered by ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET are animation from 2D drawings or 2D CAD drawings, customization of 3D models and further convert them into an animation file through either mpeg format or .avi.

The mechanical animation must be such that it attracts the attention of customers at the first sight itself. The mechanical animation must also be clear enough to convey the message provided through the images or videos.

The mechanical engineering team of professionals is skilled, qualified and experienced in their respective fields and has gained expertise in mechanical engineering. You could discuss all the necessary related problems regarding mechanical design, mechanical drafting, mechanical modeling and mechanical animation and our mechanical engineers will quickly provide you effective mechanical engineering solutions.

Get in touch with us, get your mechanical engineering projects done by our company, and be rest assured of the success of your company. Our company also offers a free quote for your benefit.