Steel Detailing

Steel Detailing is a translation process of design or contract drawings into shop drawings. Our company, ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET specializes in steel detailing services. The structural steel detailing includes anchor bolt plans, erection drawings, columns, beams, trusses, bracing, stairs, railings, ladders, architecture exposed steel, roof framing, etc. Using the latest technologies, our expert team can create 3D models of complete steel structure that exceed the expectations of our clients.

The steel detailing process involves around the complete detailing of every steel part to enable the steel fabricators in easy and speedy steel fabrication. Our general customers for structural steel detailing services are architects, structural engineers, structural consultants, contractors, steel detailers and steel fabricators. The steel fabrication drawings describe the details regarding the location and connection of the use of steel. A steel detailer converts the engineering drawings into fabrication instructions through shop drawings.

Steel Detailing is an important aspect of Structural services. The steel detailing services is generally done with the help of AutoCAD technology. Structural Steel Design, Structural Steel Drafting and Structural Steel Modeling services are also part of the structural steel detailing services. A steel detailer prepares two types of drawings, which are as follows:

Erection Drawings

Erection Drawings show the dimensions plan and the details such as bolting, welding, installing wedge anchors, etc. These drawings also include information on the fabrication of every steel user.

Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings provide the exact requirements for fabricating each steel user. Details regarding materials, dimensions, surface preparation and painting requirements are included in the shop drawings.

The experts involved in with structural steel detailing must have excellent skills in mathematics, drafting, logic, reasoning, spatial visualization and communication. The general engineering principles and structural and steel fabrication knowledge is also essential in our structural engineers and steel fabricators. Professionals must convert the hand drawn sketches, drawings, or designs into structural details in CAD. The general structural steel detailing services include structural beams design, structural framing design, 3D general arrangements, assembly drawings, advanced bill of materials, anchor bolt layouts, material order lists, member preparation details, fitting sheets, and CNC information.

In case of structural 3D models, they are created by both steel and concrete structures. Steel detailers are able to prepare detailed plans, column drawings, beams, braces, joists, metal decking that used in the construction of buildings, bridges, industrial plants and building structure. We aim in providing excellent creative, sustainable and cost effective steel detailing solutions through innovative thinking.

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