GPRS Solutions

IT Out Sourcing China has also diversified its wings into the mobile sector offering GPRS solution. We have a strong base in implementation of the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) using the GSM standards established. Our new and advanced GPRS service can support the hard core GPRS connection and EDGE technologies for the upcoming more advanced mobile networks.

Wireless networks and mobiles have been since long time but have been gaining importance very slowly but now due to advance infrastructure and low costs it has been accelerated at high rate and one of the reasons for this hike is due to GPRS technology. All the GSM operators will upgrade their technology to the GPRS and then they will see a subsequent change in their operation. GPRS allows the Internet users to surf the Internet 10 times faster than the GSM connection. GPRS has advanced the mobile networks to such a level that now surfing internet on mobiles, playing games, checking mails and downloading songs seems inevitable.

Still, there are many untapped advantages of the GPRS connection. ITOutsourcingChina is one of the cost-effective GPRS solution service providers where we build interactive and fast system for you.

Services offered to you are as follows :

  • GPRS allows simplifying the billing collection process from multiple network elements, including SGSNs, GGSNs, WAP servers and gateways, SMSCs, IP (Internet Protocol)
  • Easy and cost-effective tariff schemes
  • Efficient and secured
  • Real time technical support

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