Portal Development

A web system providing functions and features for authenticating and identifying the users and further providing them an easy, intuitive and user-friendly custom web interface to facilitate the access to information and services which are of great relevance and interest to the users is known as ‘PORTAL’.

One of the main reasons for setting up a portal is to produce vast information and service resources received from various sources to multiple users in the most effective manner. Nowadays, almost every company or organization offers the details regarding its services to their clients or customers and the people at large through the World Wide Web. The different levels and categories of services are mentioned in the website of the relevant company.

Portal development is at a high nowadays. The developed portal should be such that it consists of the following functions and features :

  • Availability of different information and services for different user groups
  • Availability of different information and services for the specific needs of user groups at specific time
  • Providing automatic information that is specifically user-friendly
  • Allowing the user to select the necessary information and service of his interest and thereby customize the presentation of the user.
  • The various Portal Solutions provided by our company with the changing technology and business trend are as follows :

  • Social Networks
  • Different Communities
  • Content Distribution Portals
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Application Services Portals
  • Web Services Portals
  • B2C Ecommerce Portals

The full life cycle of portal development services consists of content management, digital data management, user management, e-commerce, communication, etc. ITOUTSOURCINGCHINA.NET has the best team of expert professionals highly dedicated towards the services of portal development. We provide high quality services at very economical rates. The clients and our team will always be in touch with each other either through phone or through instant messaging service. The various ideas constantly arising in the minds of our web developers aim towards the success of your company’s policy and procedures.

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