Web Based Live Chat

ITOutsourcingChina gives its visitors with web based live chat service boosting your sales and customer's feedback. You can easily track the traffic coming to your website, segregate the leads coming by the way of proper means and then answer all the queries that the visitors have by active live chat system.

ITOutsourcingChina monitors the detailed activity of the visitors and we provide with the statistical report of the website. The other remarkable service provided by the ITOutsourcingChina's webmasters is that it reduces your telephone costs by a significant amount and secures your live chat sessions with SSL.

According to recent statistics, live chat system clarifies the problem the visitors have in no-time and they can take the decision exactly then and there, boosting the sales by a remarkable 35%.

Dedicated services of ITOutsourcingChina :

  • Dedicated client server : ITOutsourcingChina provides a client server customized entirely for your needs. And, this will help in conducting hassle-free chats
  • 99.99% Uptime : The server is guaranteed to be online maximum number of time that puts forward an effective web-based live chat system for your website
  • Cost-effective : ITOutsourcingChina provides excellent service at a very small amount
  • Free upgrades and email support period : We upgrade the latest versions of the live chat system giving your customers the best way to do business and have their expectations best. Because, you deserve the best
  • No additional software is required : With our effective live chat system, you will not be requiring any kind of additional software.
  • Fast and easy installation

More additional Features on ITOutsourcingChina's Web Based Live Chat System

ITOutsourcingChina provides the web based live chat system on its finely tuned hosting platforms. If you wish to get started with us, all you need to do is to sign up with us and add few lines of code to your website and then and there a fully functional live chat system comes up to your website. We, at ITOutsourcingChina provide real time solution to your customers and increase potential in an extremely easy manner.

Details of site visitors, site hits and all the other related statistical reports will be given to you coupled with fast and easy installation.

The other additional benefits of the Web Based Live Chat System :

  • Queue enlisting option
  • Offline message option
  • Users can print the chat sessions
  • Users will be able to turn on/off sound
  • Admin panel will be able to put images in the chat sessions
  • Chat with multiple clients at the same time
  • Automatic the chat stops when the user doesn't wish to continue
  • Tailor-made the chat with images and your company logo

All this benefits of ITOutsourcingChina's web based live chat system makes it No.1 live chat service in the web.

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